Dialysis treatment now begins in Reg. 6 almost two years after centre was commissioned


Almost two years after the $6.2 million Regional Dialysis Centre in the New Amsterdam Hospital compound was commissioned, the dialysis treatment is now being rolled out.

Regional Health Officer Dr Vishalya Sharma said it is a private-public partnership between the Ministry of Health and the Doobay – Gafoor Medical and Research Centre. Dr Sharma could not say what the delay was in rolling out this important treatment to residents of Regions Five and Six even though the centre was launched in January 2020. It was revealed that patients will be able to access the service free of cost.

The centre is now equipped with ten dialysis machines and will allow for 20 patients to be treated daily.

Previously, residents in these regions had to travel to Georgetown three times per week to assess dialysis treatment. This has proven to be very expensive and challenging for a number of patients.

A recent statement from the regional authorities revealed that there are currently 25 patients from the regions who are on dialysis.

Dhanraj Ashalt, 74, of No. 69 Village, Corentyne explained that he has been on dialysis treatment for over five years.  He disclosed that he is very pleased that this service has resumed in the region.

Another patient, 54-year-old Anand Rampersaud, also of No. 69 Village commended the Health Ministry for making the service readily available to him and all other patients who require the service.

“Here is very good for me and I want to thank the Government for reopening this place because it will assist we a lot,” Rampersaud said.

Meanwhile, as the government continues to strengthen the local health sector, other services will also be introduced in the region.

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