Essequibo family desperate for justice months after relative shot dead


Six months after 22-year-old Keyion Mc Lennon was shot dead in a bus shed in Queenstown, Essequibo Coast, his father is continuing his cries for justice as the suspect remains in hiding.

Donald Mc Lennon spoke with the News Room on Tuesday and expressed his frustration with the lack of information from the police on the case.

“Since my son dead, nobody never come back and tell we nothing, I would glad to get justice for my son because the child was just 22-years-old and that was the person who used to really help us in the farm and that was the biggest one,” Donald said. Keyion was the eldest of three children.

When contacted by the News Room on Tuesday, Regional Commander, Woman Superintendent Denise Griffith said investigators have made no headway in arresting the suspect identified as Shemron ‘Bad boy’ Higgins.

“Every time I remember him, I cry, it hurt me man, it hurt me a lot,” the elder Mc Lennon said. According to him, his son was a good person and that one of his favourite holidays was Christmas.

According to the distraught father, spending the first Christmas without his eldest son was harder than he had imagined.

Donald further explained that his son always ensured they had a good Christmas; the year before, he bought curtains and decorated the house.

“Up to now we still grieving every day, like Christmas [I am] accustomed to all of us at home, Christmas gone and [I didn’t] had a good Christmas.”

Donald recalled that the day before his son was killed, there was a party and the suspect left a scissors in the yard and came the next day searching for it.

“I tell he, [I don’t] know where the scissors is and wait tell [Keyion] come, cause he had gone to work,” Donald explained. He said that the suspect returned when his son came home from work and they were involved in scuffle.

“The next day [Keyion] gone on the road and he shoot the boy.”

Keyion worked as a gold miner and assisted his father with farming. He was shot three times on July 17, 2021 – twice to the arms and once to the abdomen.

Police had suspected that the shooting was sparked by a drug deal gone wrong.

Another young man, identified as “Fronto” was also shot during the ordeal. The father is pleading with the police to continue the search for the suspect.

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