Accused in multi-million-dollar gold heist granted High Court bail


After spending the last five months on remand for the multi-million-dollar gold heist of Wallison Enterprise located at Gordon Street, Kitty, Georgetown, Peon Lee called “Nino Brown” was on Wednesday released on $450,000 bail by a High Court Judge.

His application for bail was made by attorney-at-law Bernard DaSilva, who argued that his client can be exposed to the inhumane and unhygienic conditions of the prison and is at risk of contracting the deadly COVID-19 virus while on remand.

The lawyer also argued that since Lee’s incarceration, there has been continuous significant economic loss to his family given the fact that he was the only breadwinner.

Justice Brassington Reynolds, who sits at the Demerara High Court, granted Lee $450,000 bail.

As a condition for his bail, Lee is expected to lodge his passport at the court and report to the Providence Police Station on the East Bank of Demerara on alternate Fridays.

On August 10, 2021, Lee along with former sergeant of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Keyon King and the company’s security officer Delroy Jackson called “Bug” were charged jointly with three counts of robbery and remanded to prison.

The trio denied that on August 5, while being armed with guns and in the company of others, they robbed Wallison Enterprise of $38 million in local currency and $20 million worth of raw gold property of Francis Santos Lumes.

They were slapped with three charges for carrying out the armed robbery committed on Fernanda Carmicheal of a phone worth $350,000, Francis Santos Lumes of gold jewellery and cash amounting to $224,000, and William Batista Dasilva of a $60,000 cell phone.

Crime Chief, Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum, had told reporters that the plan was allegedly hatched by Lee, who, at the time, was the company’s Chief of Security.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras. Police made a breakthrough in this investigation following the discovery of a total of $18M which was found buried in King’s backyard.

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