Turk in Guyana says worked for two years without full pay, now being forcibly sent home


By Kurt Campbell


A Turkish man employed as the Technical Manager at an East Bank Demerara Casino and Fun Park since December 2019 is being sent back to his country tonight – a situation he says is unfair as he is still owed a large sum of money in salaries.

Emre Kiremit knows little English and found it hard to communicate orally but from his poorly kept living space on the top floor of the company, he used a translator on his phone to relate his situation to the News Room.

He seeks the help of local authorities to right the wrong he alleges is being done to him, saying “I trust the Government of Guyana.”

Kiremit told the News Room that he was offered the job while in Turkey and brought here with a promise that he will be paid US$2,000 monthly.

He provided documentation that showed he was given GY$430,000 as a net salary in December 2019.

He said the first few months he was paid but after the pandemic resulted in shutdowns in March of 2020, he continued to be employed with limited monies given to him.

More documentation showed that he was in fact paid a total of GY$2.6M over the 22 months he worked at the hotel with the totals varying each month. He should have gotten, based on his promised monthly salary, well over GY$8 million.

“They say they won’t pay and they are forcibly sending me to Turkey… I am in a very difficult situation… I trust you please help me,” he begged.

He will likely get on a plane tonight and travel back to his country with no money. He said although he lived in the hotel, he paid no accommodation, only room service.

“They want to forcibly send me to Turkey without paying any of my rights, they threaten to throw me on the street.

“They’re going to take me by force tonight,” the man said as his voice cracked with despondency.

Using his phone to translate, he said: “I have no money… no money, no place to stay, they make me so helpless.”

“They tell me I am not entitled to any seniority or annual leave.”

“They tell me I have no right.”

Kiremit gave his manager’s name and said they made him sign for his salary and promised he will be paid but fired him this month without doing so.

The man said he will likely take the flight that leaves Guyana on Monday at 03:52hrs and transits to Panama before arriving in Istanbul, Turkey on Tuesday at 15:00hrs.

“I will be back for my money,” he said as he reposed full confidence in local authorities to ensure his right is protected.

He was granted a single-entry visa of employment which is valid until December 2022.

Numerous efforts to speak to the management of the company were futile as calls went unanswered.

When contacted by the News Room, Labour Ministry Joseph Hamilton said it is a matter that can be investigated by local authorities once a formal complaint is made.

The Labour Minister said the company would be asked to present documentation to prove that the man was paid in keeping with his contract and if they fail to do so, it can be escalated to the Courts.

Kiremit, with no money and just a one-way ticket back home, is considering his three options.

  1. Maecilla says

    Get marry to a guyanese an get yourself sort out ma’an

  2. Maecilla says


  3. Maecilla says

    Get marry to a guyanese an get yourself sort out ma’an.
    Wicked people pay that man.

  4. Victoria Fields says

    Such a shame ????

  5. Diane says

    This is so sad & unfair as to what transpired with the Turkish guy. The person or persons involved should be investigated & brought to justice, they took advantage of the guy because of his lack of English Compression.However they should realize what goes around comes around.I trust & hope he is vindicated.

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