Turk man reaches settlement with employers


Turkish National Emre Kiremit has reached a settlement with his employers whose efforts he had to desperately fight off at the weekend after they attempted to force him back to Turkey while he was still owed large sums of money in salaries.

Lawyered up and hours before Kiremit and his manager were to appear before labour officials on Wednesday, a substantial payment was made to him and a new ticket was purchased for him to return home.

Kiremit has been working in Guyana as the Technical Manager at a popular Casina and Fun Park on the East Bank of Demerara since December 2019 but he was not paid his promised salary of US$2,000 in full. He had received just a fraction of that.

On Tuesday night, Kiremit assured the News Room that he was happy and comfortable with the settlement and now looks forward to returning home on Monday.

He explained that “top management” in Istanbul, Turkey was unaware of what was happening locally but when news broke on Sunday of the injustices meted out him and following the immediate involvement of the Ministry of Labour, the overseas bosses became aware.

“Top management didn’t know about the issue… boss said no one in my company can do something like this,” Kiremit explained.

He said an inspector is now being sent from the Turkey headquarters to Guyana where the matter will be further investigated.

In the meantime, the News Room understands that the immediate manager who had attempted to withhold the man’s salaries has been suspended.

“Management finds me right to the end…they bought my plane ticket; they paid my salary.

“I wish you had informed us earlier, the management said,” Kiremit related using a translator on his cellphone.

Kiremit had complained about being helpless, left without any money or place to stay.

The Labour Ministry has been informed of the settlement and has since allowed for a cancellation of the meeting.

The ministry in a statement on Monday said it was adamant to come to a quick resolution of the matter as it is tasked with ensuring that all workers in Guyana, both local and foreign, are treated fairly in accordance with the labour laws.

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