Deadly Mahaica accident: Mother loses her only child; husband died 5 months ago


By Isanella Patoir

Shameeza Bhagwandat is unable to come to grips with the tragic death of her only child, 20-year-old Christopher Bhagwandat, who died in a horrific accident at the Mahaica Bridge, East Coast Demerara on Wednesday.

It was only five months ago that her husband died as well and during that period of mourning, she and her son grew closer and leaned on each other for comfort.

“Today, the 3rd of February, marks five months since my husband passed away and yesterday was my birthday, my 45th birthday and I only have one child,” a tearful Shameeza told the News Room at her Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara home on Thursday morning.

Christopher left home early on Wednesday and his mother said she did not know where he was going.  She recalled that she was reading her bible when he kissed her and wished her a happy birthday. He also told her he was going to give her surprise.

The horrific accident scene on Wednesday (Photo: Action News/Facebook)

The grieving mother never thought the surprise would be his death.

According to Shameeza, since her husband died, her son stopped going out and stayed at home to keep her company.

Shameeza explained that on Wednesday she spent her morning cooking and preparing for her birthday. The last time she spoke to her son was a few minutes before the accident and he told her he would be home soon.

After a while passed and Bhagwandat did not return home, Shameeza tried calling him but this time, he did not answer.

“The phone kept ringing out and after I sit down waiting on the cake to bake and I kept on calling and I ain’t getting no answer and I come downstairs to my nephew living here and I asked him: ‘You know where Christopher gone and he said aunty ‘I don’t know’.”

Not long after, a young man from the area broke the news to her.

The police patrol in motor van PAB 3143 involved in the accident

“He said that he (Christopher) just get in accident at Mahaica Bridge and he died. And that was it.”

Christopher’s 16-year-old girlfriend, Shereeda Persaud, also died in the four-vehicle smash up.

“I hear some girl was in the car, I don’t know the child and I don’t know anything. All what he does tell me is: ‘Mommy I like a girl in Berbice’,” the tearful woman explained.

Shameeza does not know who owns the car her son was driving.

Bhagwandat worked at Vicky’s Auto Mechanic workshop and he has been a mechanic for the past four years.

Dead: Sheereda Persaud

The young couple was in motorcar PNN 8852 when Bhagwandat was stopped by traffic ranks along the Perseverance Public Road, Mahaicony, Region Five. Bhagwandat was asked to pull over by the ranks but instead drove away.

As a result, a police patrol in a motor van attached to the Mahaicony Police Station gave chase behind the young man and his girlfriend.

While approaching the Mahaica Bridge, the police vehicle and Bhagwandat’s car were adjacent during which the young man allegedly cornered the police, resulting in a head-on collision with canter truck GJJ 9151 which was proceeding in the opposite direction.

The truck flipped on the side before crashing into another car, a fielder wagon PAB 8222.

Several other persons were injured in the accident including three police officers.

It remains unclear why Bhagwandat was stopped by the police.




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