President Ali will meet with new Opposition Leader – Jagdeo


President Irfaan Ali is expected to meet with the new Leader of the Opposition once he is elected to the position, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo said on Thursday.

“We anticipate that before the end of February, the President will meet with the Leader of the Opposition once that person is in place,” Jagdeo told a press conference.

The APNU+AFC parliamentary opposition is expected to have the Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R), Aubrey Norton sworn in as a Member of Parliament soon.

Norton is also expected to replace Joseph Harmon, who last week resigned from the post of Opposition Leader.

On Thursday, Jagdeo said although engagements had not taken place between President Ali and Harmon, this will not be the case with the new Opposition Leader on matters where the Constitution requires consultation.

Those consultations between the two leaders will have to take place for the reconstitution of several Commissions including the Judicial Service Commission, the Police Service Commission, the Public Service Commission, the Teaching Service Commission and the Integrity Commission.

Jagdeo said once an Opposition Leader is in place, these Commissions could be in place by the end of February.

“On the issue of Constitutional agencies, we are getting some heat in the public domain,” Jagdeo said while pointing out that the Parliamentary recess had stalled the process.

He said Dr. Ali was always willing to meet with Harmon as Opposition Leader although he had failed to recognise Ali and his government as legitimately elected.

“It is always been our position… the President was misquoted saying he did not want to meet the Leader of the Opposition.

“He [President Ali] made it clear that in his constitutional role, where mandated by the Constitution, he was going to discharge that responsibility,” Jagdeo said.

The Vice President said the government is vindicated now that Harmon lost so badly at the recently held leadership elections of the PNC/R.

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  1. Matthew says

    I think someone is suspicious of WHO was behind the riggin crew ….besides the 104 year old consultant who didn’t know phones could take pictures.

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