Harmon resigns as Leader of the Opposition but remains Member of Parliament


In a shocking turn of events, Joseph Harmon on Wednesday resigned as the Leader of the Opposition following immense pressure from the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R).

The News Room was reliably informed that Harmon announced his resignation on Wednesday via a Zoom meeting with Opposition representatives. In that meeting, he said he will remain a Member of Parliament for the APNU+AFC Coalition.

Only a few days ago, the News Room reported that in the face of mounting pressure from the dominant political force in the Coalition Harmon would soon resign.

The News Room understands that following his failed attempt to seize the leadership of the PNC/R during the December 2021 Congress, Harmon has been confronted with weekly manoeuvres from party comrades to give up the post.

The new leader of the PNC/R Aubrey Norton is believed to soon take up the Opposition Leader post although this depends on his nomination by Granger for a Parliamentary seat. If Harmon remains in Parliament, that will mean at least one member of Parliament from the Opposition will have to be removed to accommodate him.

It was only on Tuesday that both Harmon and former President David Granger resigned as General Secretary and Chairman, respectively of A Partnership for National Unity, paving the way for Norton to take the mantle.

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