Life imprisonment for duo who admitted to Black Bush Polder triple murder


Carlton Chaitram known as ‘Lie Man’ and Rakesh Karamchand known as ‘Go-To-Front’, were on Monday handed three life sentences for the 2016 Black Bush Polder triple murder.

Carlton of Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder, and Karamchand from Sheet Anchor, Canje, Berbice were sentenced by Justice Sandil Kissoon at the Berbice High Court without the possibility of parole.

In January, the duo was charged for murder, but earlier this month during their trial, the men opted to plead guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter.

The pair confessed that on July 21, 2016, they unlawfully killed 33-year-old Naresh Rooplall, 37-year-old Pawan Chandradai aka Suresh, and his 15-year-old son, Jaikarran Chandradai aka Kevin.

The men were represented by attorneys Mursalene Bacchus, SC, Chandra Sohan, and Moti Singh. The State was represented by prosecutor Abigail Gibbs.

During their sentencing hearing on Monday, Chaitram pleaded with the court for a second chance so he could return to society. The man told the court that he is willing to financially support the victim’s family.

“I will never see them punish,” Chaitram said as he told the court that he is willing to hand over a tractor and rice field to the victims’ families.

Karamchand told the court that although he was at the scene, he did not shoot the victims.

In his sentencing remarks, Justice Kissoon said that the men were acting in a criminal enterprise in a premeditated design with others.

Dead: Jaikarran Chandradeo, also called “Kevin Naresh”, Pawan Chandradeo, also called “Surish Jaikarran”,Narish Rooplall, also called “Mice”

Justice Kissoon said that he found no mitigating factors in favour of the duo. He took into consideration that three lives were lost and so there is the need to send a strong message to deter like-minded potential offenders.

He also said that the duo showed no remorse for human life, especially during the “calculated slaughter” of the victims.

Earlier this month, Carlton’s son, Jairam Chaitram, who had confessed to the murder charges, was handed three death sentences.

Jairam Chaitram

Meanwhile, another accused, Tameshwar Jagmohan, known as “Guana” was found guilty of the crimes by a 12-member jury and was handed three life sentences.

On July 21, 2016, the three victims along with the brother of Jaikarran, 12-year-old Alvin left to go on a fishing trip and were expected home.

Tameshwar Jagmohan

However, the 12-year-old was left behind at a camp to await his relatives’ return. According to the Guyana Police Force, each body bore a single gunshot wound.

It is alleged that the four defendants were in a rice field belonging to Sudama Jagmohan, called “King”, and were stealing diesel fuel when the victims came to the very field to catch hassar.

Jairam fired two shots in the air, and the three victims ran towards the dam, but fell. It is alleged that “Lie Man” told the party to “get rid of the evidence (witnesses).”

Jairam moved over to the men and shot them each once at point blank range, killing them on the spot.

When the bodies were discovered on July 22, 2016, by “King” and his workers, the men still had their fishing gear on them.

Rooplall had a cast net hung over his shoulder; his nephew had a bag with fish hung around his neck; while Chandradeo had his cast net in his hand.

When arrested by police, under caution, Jairam said, “ Meh nah been want leff no evidence so I shoot them.”

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