Wakenaam businessman welcomes help after fire destroys house


Still trying to cope with all that has happened over the weekend, 54-year-old Anil Rambarran of Belle Plaine, Wakenaam, says his desire is to rebuild his house and would welcome any help.

Rambarran’s home went up in flames Sunday at around 03:00hrs. He estimates his losses at $35M. He said over $1M in cash was burnt. His jewellery and household appliances were also destroyed.

Rambarran, speaking to the News Room, said he still cannot comprehend the horrific ordeal but said he is happy that he and his wife escaped unhurt.

“We are thankful that we narrowly escaped death, but it’s something that we have to live with, we have life and we, therefore, have hope,” Rambarran said.  The fire is suspected to be electrical in origin.

The fire ravaged property

The businessman said he is currently focused on rebuilding his grocery shop so that he can continue his trade. He is also hoping to build a place where he and his wife can dwell.

He said that everything was completely gutted due to the fire. Rambarran and his wife, Chandrowtie Rambarran, were rushed on Sunday morning to the Wakenaam Cottage hospital after suffering from a spike in their blood pressure shortly after the house went up in flames.

Rambarran, a father of two, said that he and his wife had to jump their fence in order to escape the raging fire.

Rambarran is the owner of a grocery store and the sole distributor of Banks DIH products on the island. He said he had gas bottles, water bottles etc in his shop.

Anyone desirous of helping the family can contact them on +592 630 3381.

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