PPP marks March 2020 elections drama with ‘renewed confidence in democracy’


See below full statement issued by the People’s Progressive Party Civic:

Two years on, since the March 2nd, 2020 regional and general elections returned the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) to office through a free and fair democratic process, the party remains grateful and humbled by the overwhelming expression of confidence from the Guyanese electorate.

The entire country is aware of the attempt by the APNU+AFC to rig the March 2nd, 2020 elections. It was only as a result of the intense struggle by the PPP/C and other forces, including other political parties, NGOs, international and regional observers with the support of the international community, that democracy prevailed.

Since taking up its mandate, the PPP/C has been working tirelessly to incrementally fulfill its manifesto promises in the execution of a transformational agenda that will build a multidimensional economy and elevate the country onto a rapid development path and create opportunities for the empowerment of all Guyanese.

The party embraces the government’s transformational agenda, its efforts to diversify the economy and reinvigorate the health, education and private sectors and support for the vulnerable. These initiatives are keeping with our campaign slogan of “One Country, One People, One Future” and will undoubtedly lead to the realization of our vision of an economically and socially empowered ‘One Guyana’.

The party takes this opportunity on the second anniversary of the March 2nd, elections to thank those who have given us the mandate to govern through their votes; our loyal members and supporters at home and abroad, and those who fought alongside us during the five-month struggle to uphold democracy. We also thank those who are working now tirelessly in the government and elsewhere in our country to strengthen democracy and support our transformational agenda.

All Guyanese are assured of the PPP/C Government’s unwavering commitment to upholding the sanctity of the Guyanese constitution and the enshrined provisions of democratic processes for governance and rule of law.

Guyanese are further assured on this anniversary that the government and the party will leave no stone unturned in the building a free, equitable, prosperous, socially just, and globally competitive society.

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  1. Matthew says

    Meantime de PNC is trying to get the old leader to recognize de new leader …..so that they have a leader.

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