Pres. Ali officially removes COVID restrictions, some vaccine rules

… but workplaces, places of worship to maintain some protocols


New COVID-19 regulations, approved by President Dr. Irfaan Ali on Monday, signalled the removal of the COVID-19 restrictions on social activities and gatherings. The requirements for individuals to present their proof of vaccination when entering public buildings have also been removed.

Now, it is only mandated that all operators and passengers of any land, water or air transport present a negative PCR test or approved antigen test taken within 72 hours of arriving in Guyana, along with their proof of vaccination.

The new regulations also state that where vaccination is a requirement, the cards shall be stamped and printed in english or a certified translation to english.

The new regulations- the Public Health (Coronavirus) (no. 3) Regulations 2022- also state that employers are required to ensure that appropriate COVID-19 guidelines are prepared and implemented to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus among workers.

Consequently, employers and business operators shall ensure that handwashing stations or sanitising equipment are maintained at the entrance of the workplace or business premises. All employees and visitors are encouraged to wear masks.

Religious leaders are also encouraged to maintain these sanitisation avenues also.

Importantly, the new regulations state that wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory- though it is encouraged, particularly when people are in public.

Testing for coronavirus remains. And anyone who tests positive is required to isolate themselves and share their test result with the Ministry of Health.

These guidelines replace the previous regulations that were published on February 11, 2022.

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