UPDATE: Schoolgirl suffered broken neck, leg in Sophia accident

Mother wants justice


Fourteen-year-old Makeida Quick was one of eleven children born to Melissa Vossey and an aspiring teacher and dancer.

But on Sunday, she was tragically killed when a speeding motorcyclist crashed into her along the ‘E’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, Public Road.

Ms. Vossey, a teacher at the Sophia Primary School, is pleading for justice. She revealed that her daughter suffered a broken neck and leg.

the deceased teen who was a student of the Tucville Secondary School was on her way to see her grandfather.

According to reports, the young girl was standing at the side of the road with her bicycle, waiting on the motorcyclist, 21-year-old Glenton Redman to pass before she crossed the road.

Melissa Vossey (Photo: News Room/April 11, 2022)

Makeida never crossed that road and she never reached her grandfather.

“I am asking for justice for this story because Makeida was standing in the corner of the road with the bicycle with one foot on the ground and the other foot on the pedal and waiting for this boy that was lying on the motorcycle and riding and he pick she up in the corner and she go up in the air…they said the bicycle drop, then she drop on the bicycle,” the grieving woman explained during an interview with the News Room.

The mother said persons in the area took about two minutes to find the teen after she fell into the nearby trench.

“Like she went down in the water,” Vossey said.

The mother said one of the boys from the area informed her that her daughter was involved in an accident and while she was heading to the scene, she saw the teen inside a car along with Redman and stopped the car.

“I jumped in the car and hold Makieda, she was still breathing,” the woman recalled.

The teen was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital, but the mother explained while on their way to the hospital, the front bonnet of the car flew open and hit the windscreen. She said not long after, her daughter stopped breathing.

Nevertheless, when they arrived at the hospital, the mother pleaded with doctors to try and save her.

“I said ‘doctor put on the machine’ and he said ‘no she already gone,” Vossey explained.

According to the mother, the young girl was always friendly and helpful. When the News Room visited the family on Monday, a few of her friends came in search of her, unaware that she had died.

“You could ask her to do anything, she wouldn’t fuss, she would go and do it, you could send her 20 times, she would do it,” the mother said.


Vossey revealed that Redman has since offered an apology. She said she taught the young man in school.

“He said: ‘Miss, I am sorry’.

“But sorry can’t help,” the woman said.

Police reported that Redman was speeding when he lost control and collided with the teen. He fell onto the road and lost consciousness; he is receiving medical treatment under police guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Meanwhile, police suspect that Redman is not the holder of a provisional or driver’s licence.

Double tragedy

In October 2019, Vossey lost one of her sons, Olijah Chesney. Chesney was 18-years-old and a member of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) when he was fatally shot during a robbery in Tucville, Georgetown.

“I am (also) asking for justice for Olijah Chesney. Olijah was murdered in 2019,” the mother said.

Olijah Chesney

A 17-year-old boy of Tucville Squatting Area was charged and remanded to the Juvenile Holding Centre in November 2018 for Chesney’s murder.

Chesney was found clad in a white t-shirt, black pants and blue hoodie along with a white hat. He was shot twice.

The mother said she has tried to move on, but it has been difficult.

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  1. Matthew says

    The motorcyclist needs jail time ……it is a deterrent and this was not an accident. Not with that speed. RIP young lady…….you died much, much too young.

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