Husband pleads guilty to brutal beating of wife, jailed for 18 months


A Lower Pomeroon, Region Two man was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to brutally beating his 23-year-old wife and the mother of his two children.

Rawl DaCosta made his appearance at the Suddie Magistrate’s Court on Thursday before Magistrate Esther Sam; he did not have legal representation.

The incident occurred at Charity, Essequibo Coast on April 11. The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras and relatives told the News Room that the young mother had to receive stitches for injuries to her head.

The young woman spent two days hospitalised while DaCosta was arrested and later released on $50,000 station bail.

In the video seen by the News Room, DaCosta repeatedly stomped on his wife’s head after he threw her to the ground; he then proceeded to brace her on a post where he held on to her hair, choked and slapped her.

He had also ripped off the woman’s shirt and brassiere, leaving her half-naked.

The incident occurred at the house of a relative to the suspect; the female relative can be seen holding the couple’s youngest child and looking on as the man savagely beat the young mother. The relative did not intervene at any time.

The young woman had travelled from the Lower Pomeroon to Charity on April 11 with her husband and two young children.

While there, DaCosta started drinking and dancing with other women.

At around 20:00hrs, she asked her husband about returning home since she had her children with her but instead, he abused her and so she visited the Charity Police Station.

While there, the young mother was allegedly told by police that she should try to find a relative to stay with and, as such, she decided to wait at the house of her husband’s relative.

Later that same night, the husband then arrived at his relative’s house and started beating the woman.

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