North Rupununi football team outfitted by Green Mango Media


Green Mango Media, the Georgetown-based company behind Climb Guyana, has launched a partnership with Basin Football Club in North Rupununi, including the provision of new male and female football apparel.

“Green Mango Media, which is preparing to stage its second Climb Guyana event in the Rupununi, is committed to building impactful relationships with communities across Guyana’s hinterland to drive sustainable development, promote adventure tourism and build capacity in the tourism, media and sport industries,” the company said in a press release.

The partnership with Basin F.C., a team based in the Aranaputa Valley, also establishes a platform for supporting female and male football development in the Rupununi within Green Mango Media’s wider impact strategy as the media and marketing partner of the Guyana Football Federation.

“I have always had a deep personal connection with the Rupununi, and it is an honour for us to partner with its communities to help create more opportunities for this beautiful region. We want to help make more parts of the Rupununi accessible and attractive for diverse kinds of visitors, so that more Guyanese and international visitors can experience its magic,” Green Mango Media CEO Amanda Wilson said.

Green Mango Media founder Amanda Wilson (right) and Basin Football Club Secretary Alphonso King (left) pose with male and female footballers in the new apparel on the club pitch in Aranaputa, North Rupununi. (Photo: Green Mango Media)

“Sponsoring Basin FC is a huge honour for us as a company, and we are excited to play a part in the growth of this great club, especially in increasing the participation of girls and women in football,” Wilson said.

“We believe all companies operating in the Rupununi have a shared responsibility to give something meaningful back to the community.”

Basin Football Club President Aidon Jacobus said the club was delighted to partner with Green Mango Media, and looked forward to a long relationship in developing football with the company.

“I want to take the opportunity to thank Amanda and Green Mango Media for the contribution they have made to the club,” Jacobus said. “This contribution means a lot to us. The Green Mango Media team is welcome to be part of the club and we look forward to working together.”

As a first step in the partnership, Green Mango Media has provided Basin F.C. with two new, branded kits for its female and male teams.

Green Mango Media founder Amanda Wilson hands over the new male and female football apparel to Basin Football Club President Aidon Jacobus in Aranaputa, North Rupununi. (Photo: Green Mango Media)

Green Mango Media’s Climb Guyana brand was launched in November 2021, with an action-packed race to the top of the Kanuku mountain range, including a kayak race on the Demerara River and a speed hike to Schomberg’s Peak.

Climb Guyana Xtreme – featuring Guyana’s first motocross mountain track and obstacle course – is set to take place in Massara, North Rupununi in May.

“Guyana is packed full of extreme terrain and adventurous people, and it should be one of the world’s leading adventure tourism and sports locations, but there are nowhere near enough offerings available to showcase its potential,” Wilson said.

“With Climb Guyana, we are determined to help turn Guyana into a popular hub for extreme tourism, adventure and sports, both for Guyanese, our diaspora and the wider international community.”

Green Mango Media, whose previous clients also include Sony Music and FIFA, is the brainchild of documentary maker Amanda Wilson, an acclaimed Guyanese journalist who has worked across Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa.

Wilson, a former Guyana Chronicle news reporter, received international critical praise for her 2015 biopic “Cuffy: Face of a Rebellion”, which explored the story behind the 1763 Berbice Rebellion.

Wilson established Green Mango Media with her sister, British Virgin Islands-based designer Andrea Wilson, and Matt Falloon, a former Reuters economics and politics correspondent and former senior FIFA communications official.

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