Rosignol to NA ferry service to recommence operations soon


The ferry service that operates between Rosignol in Region Five and New Amsterdam in Region Six will recommence their operations soon, Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill announced on Tuesday at the signing of $2.6B in contracts for the execution of infrastructural works.

The service was put on pause as a result of the pandemic and now plans are in place to refurbish the ferries before they are put into operation again. The service will greatly benefit pensioners, school children and other citizens.

Edghill revealed that the water taxis that operate the route were damaged after being docked for the past two years.

“Basically they have been not operational and they do have some damage, the Transport and Harbour Department with support from the Maritime Administration will get those water taxis repaired and refurbished to bring relief to the pensioners and school children,” Edghill said.

He noted that the rehabilitation of the vessels is expected to be done within a few weeks. The decision to put the vessels back into operation stemmed from recent consultation with residents during an outreach programme.

“For the residents of Region Five and Region Six we ask that you be patient, we heard your cry and your concern and those water taxis are going to be back in service shortly,” Edghill assured.

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