Boy, 7, bedridden after struck down by hire car

- Mother pleads for justice


The mother of a 7-year-old boy who was struck down by a car on February 13, is pleading for justice after her son is now bedridden.

Jayden Cheefoon suffered severe head injuries along with a fractured shoulder after he was hit by a hire car on the Lovely Lass Public Road, West Coast Berbice. Cheefoon is a Grade Three pupil at the Lachmansingh Primary School.

The young boy’s mother, Shevon Archibald spoke with the News Room on Wednesday and revealed that her son spent over two months hospitalised in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
He was discharged on April 28.

“Most of the injuries is to his head so he can’t do anything, just lying there,” the mother said. Cheefoon is the youngest of four children.

The mother told the News Room that Cheefoon requires round the clock care and since the incident, it has been difficult for her. Archibald is a single mother and worked as a security guard before the accident.
Since then, she had to leave her job to care for her son.

“I know God gotta work a miracle for Jayden get up back from this bed.

“The doctor said that is how he is going to be in bed,” the mother related.

The accident occurred just at around 11:15hrs on February 13; at the time, he was on his way back from a nearby shop with his other siblings and a cousin.

According to Archibald, while Cheefoon was crossing the road, the car struck him down.

Police Headquarters had reported that 50-year-old Joseph Warde was driving the car; Warde told police that the boy suddenly ran across the road from behind a parked car and into his path.

The driver claimed that he applied brakes but the front portion of his car collided with the child.
Warde was initially arrested and was later placed on station bail. Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Kurleigh Simon told the News Room that investigators were waiting for the child to recover to take him back to the accident scene.

However, given the child’s current condition, this will not happen and as such, the file into the investigation is being prepared to send to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal advice.

The driver is also required to report to the Fort Wellington Police Station twice weekly.

Meanwhile, the child’s mother claimed that since the accident, there has been no updates from police on the investigation.

“They never ever one day call me back and said we doing this, nothing and this man driving up and down.
“It is not to say it is a big person, it is a little child and if you get feelings for your child, you will get for somebody else own too,” the mother told the News Room.

She said her son was an active child and loved to play.

“He was very active, I have videos in my phone with Jayden, everybody that know Jayden know how he stay,” the mother said.

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