Suspect admits he choked, killed woman who refused to have relationship with him


The main suspect in the murder of 25-year-old Miriam Edwards had reportedly admitted to investigators that he choked her to death and dumped her body overboard because she refused to have a relationship with him.

Keron Hope, 25, a Pork Knocker of Middle Street, Buxton, East Coast Demerara, remains in the custody of the police. The murder occurred sometime between June 8-9, 2022 at Kumung Kumung Backdam, Puruni River in Region Seven.

The Amerindian woman was from Lethem in Region Nine but was employed as a cook with a gold miner.

The employer told police that on the evening of June 8, he and his crew returned to the camp and discovered that Edwards was missing and her living quarters was ransacked.

After asking around, they learned that the suspect was at the camp during the day. As a result, the woman’s employer, with the help of other public-spirited persons, apprehended the suspect and reported the matter to the police.

Upon the arrival of the ranks, Hope was questioned during which he took them a short distance away from the camp where the Puruni River had eroded inland and showed them the body of the woman laying on her back in the water.

She was wearing only a black bra and there were bruises around her neck.

During further questioning, Hope told the police that he became furious with Edwards after she refused to have a relationship with him; he then choked her until she became motionless, after which he dumped the body.

He then returned to the camp and took 21 Pennyweight of raw gold which was in her purse.

  1. Matthew says


    1. Cynthia says

      Castrate him …… he will never be the same again..he does not desserve to have a normal male life.. I am beyond words…..just because she said no ….. who gave him the authority ??? 🙄😱

  2. Naydeen Adams says

    I feel so sad about my dear neighboring resident
    As a mother supporting her two children
    I know how it is that you work so hard in a mining area where place is not safe
    I recommend that the child support agents do something about her two children
    Please don’t forget her children 🙏
    Rest in peace Miriam Edwards

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