Haslington youth was shot multiple times – PME


A Post Mortem Examination (PME) conducted on the body of 23-year-old Quindon Bacchus found that he died from multiple gunshot wounds.

The autopsy was conducted on June 13 by government pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh at the Memorial Gardens Mortuary, Police Headquarters noted in a press release on Monday.

“The body was handed over to the relatives for burial at a date to be announced,” the police said.

The News Room understands that Bacchus was reportedly shot six times to the body and once to the head.

Bacchus, a father of one, was shot dead by a plain-clothes police rank on June 10 at Haslington, East Coast Demerara (ECD). The police’s version is that he attempted to sell an illegal firearm to the undercover cop who shot him.

However, witnesses are now coming forward with information that Bacchus and the cop in question knew each other and had an ongoing feud.

When questioned by reporters on Sunday as to whether the “undercover operation” was sanctioned by the police force and if the Commander of the division was aware, the Head of the Police Force’s Public Relations Department, Mark Ramotar, said, “Sorry, but I don’t have the answers at this time…will provide one when I do.”

Ramotar also could not say how many ranks were part of the “operation.”

The investigation into Bacchus’ death is being handled by the Police Complaints Authority and the Police Commissioner (ag) Clifton Hicken has charged the entity to “expedite” the probe.

“The Police Complaints Authority will be investigating this matter, that is a constituted body and the police will have no interference,” Commissioner Hicken told protesting family members and relatives on Monday.

According to the official police report, ranks were carrying out an intelligence-led operation in the area during which the plain-clothes rank made arrangements to purchase the firearm from Bacchus who left and then returned with the firearm.

While in the process of handing over the firearm, an alarm was raised which resulted in the now dead man attempting to escape while reportedly shooting at ranks.

Police said the rank returned fire and Bacchus was shot. The firearm was later identified as a .380 pistol with a magazine that had one round.

The policeman remains under close arrest.

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