Golden Grove man arrested over threats to kill President


The police have arrested a 35-year-old man who allegedly threatened to kill President Dr Irfaan Ali during a violent protest on Tuesday along the East Coast of Demerara.

Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Police Force, Mark Ramotar, told the press that the man, identified as Marvin Richmond, known as ‘Wakie’ was “arrested and detained last evening.”

Ramotar said that Richmond of Golden Grove, ECD, was “treated on several occasions by a psychiatrist.”

The man made threats to the President’s life during a live broadcast of the protest action by Opposition APNU+AFC Parliamentarian Sherod Duncan.

“We will be killing the [expletive omitted] President too,” the man said as he looked into the camera and made the direct statement.

President Ali did not take the threats lightly and said he will be asking the Parliament to pass a unanimous resolution “decrying political violence and threats of assassination.”

The protest started at the break of dawn at Golden Grove where residents were protesting the killing of 23-year-old Quindon Bacchus who was shot by a plainclothes policeman on June 10 at Haslington, ECD during an alleged undercover police operation.

The protest erupted after a facetious online outlet inaccurately reported that the cop, identified as Kristoff Denobrega, was released from police custody. The cop, in fact, remains in police custody.


  1. Latchman Singh says

    Comments like this should not be tolerated in any country but here in guyana these people believe they can say and do as they please its a beautiful country but the people are the problems they need to flush this country clean with all the haters and racist persons immediately

  2. Android says

    Ohh, now he’s going to plead insanity?? Make stringent checks to see if this is true. If not let him feel the full force of the law.

  3. braz says

    Why does all these media outlets keep referring to the injustice carried out by criminals in Mon Repos as “Protest”?
    Call it what it is and STOP POLITICIZING the truth!!!!!!!

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