‘Charges are coming, don’t worry’ – Nandlall assures Mon Repos vendors who were attacked, robbed


Two weeks after vendors were beaten, robbed and had their vehicles and stalls destroyed at the Mon Repos market by rioters during unrest along the East Coast corridor, there have been no arrests.

But on Tuesday, Attorney General Anil Nandlall assured those vendors that justice will be served and those involved in the illegal activities will be prosecuted in court.

“Charges are going to come, don’t worry.

“There are going to be some very serious charges,” Nandlall said during his Tuesday night ‘Issues in the News’ commentary on his Facebook page.

He said the police are still taking statements from those victims of the violence and persons will be arrested and placed before the courts soon.

The protest turned violent at the Mon Repos Market on June 28 as vendors were robbed and beaten by rioters

Hours after the incident, President Dr Irfaan Ali visited the affected vendors and assessed their damages.

Affected persons received full compensation for their losses.

But according to Nandlall, “we can’t allow these miscreants to create the type of havoc, pandemonium, violence and mayhem… they have created chaos public discord and we will file criminal charges. We will not have that recurring in Guyana.

“The law as I promise will take its course and will be applied as condignly as possible,” Nandlall says.

Last week Regional Commander Khali Pareshram told the News Room that no one was arrested.

Following the looting and robbing of the vendors, citizens took photos of some of the suspects fleeing with the stolen goods on the roadway.

The rioting stemmed from protests the killing of Quindon Bacchus at Haslington during an alleged undercover police operation. But the June 28 protest, which commenced at Golden Grove, extended to several East Coast Demerara communities.

It was at the Mon Repos market that it turned violent where a minibus and several stalls were set on fire.

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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Thank you, Mr AG! We wait and see if your words will come to pass. Indians are tired of being used by the bullies to take their anger out upon. This is madness and must be stopped! Victims of the bullies must be compensated by the state to the tune of 100% for losses and another substantial amount for trauma.

    My theory is- the police is not for us Indians, the PNC is definitely not for us(they are the source of our problems) and the PPP has no incentive to stop the marauding because each incident drives Indian voters closer to them. I hope I will be proven wrong by the actions of the PPP as per the AG’s words.

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