Businessman’s sex demands led to deadly altercation – suspect tells police


Hours after the body of East Canje, Berbice businessman Vickram ‘Vick’ Seubarran was found on the floor in his kitchen with a knife in his back, police arrested the prime suspect in connection with the killing.

Regional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Boodnarine Persaud confirmed that the main suspect was arrested along with two others and he has since confessed to committing the brutal act.

Vickram ‘Vick’ Seubarran

A police source, close to the investigation, has since revealed that the suspect shared a close relationship with Seubarran.

He told police that the businessman invited him over to his house Sunday night and after spending some time, he wanted to leave but was prevented from doing so by the victim who was making sexual demands.

This resulted in a confrontation between the two men and the suspect reportedly confessed that he grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and stabbed the man in an effort to ward off his advances.

He reportedly told police that he did not intend to kill Seubarran.

A cousin who visits Seubarran’s home to caretake along with his brother Dean Seubarran found the body of the businessman lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood with a visible stab wound to his back.

The discovery was made sometime around 6:00 hrs on Monday. The back door was left ajar with no signs of forced entry.

The businessman was the owner of the Universal DVD Club and Stationary Solutions in New Amsterdam and he was the President of the Port Mourant Cricket Club.

Dean Seubarran said he last saw his brother on Sunday at home and he left him watching cricket.

He had earlier claimed that the killer had to be known to the man and his dogs. 


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