Massive potential and prosperity in store for Guyana – PM Phillips


See the full statement from Prime Minister Mark Phillips below:


Over the past two years, Guyana has occupied the leading role of a success story of development that Guyanese have long hoped for. Upon taking Office in August 2020, the PPP/C Administration immediately sought to set Guyana on a fast track to prosperity so that our citizens could thrive in a society of enhanced and flourishing quality of life for themselves and their future generations.

At all levels of government, we saw the demonstration of exemplary leadership and service committed to achieving our goal. And through the swift action, dedication and unwavering allegiance to the betterment of our country, the accompanying results to date speak for themselves.

In the pages that follow, the story of our success will be vividly presented, showcasing transformative economic development; bolstered sectoral development in all areas; a metamorphosed infrastructural landscape through housing and other armature works; holistic support and relief provided to our people in the face of the health and agricultural fallouts; and a vested interest in the betterment of all aspects of life through groundbreaking legislations, policies and initiatives. These implementations are adequately accompanied by a robust and detailed plan to assert our place as a stronghold in agriculture, environmental sustainability, business, and investments while outlining an unambiguous path forward that will guarantee the prolonged prosperity of all Guyanese.

The journey to this point has not been without challenges. Our government has continued to work toward placing our people on a path of forward movement despite inheriting a deeply damaged economy. But the work never stopped, even as our country additionally faced the dire consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and unforeseen flooding.

The resilience of our people and our government have both been tested to immeasurable lengths as we faced unfortunate loss of life, livelihoods and sense of security during these times. But we continued to press forward, revamping all areas of our country that we knew would realise the bright future we deserved. I am indeed proud to see where we have come, particularly with the commitment of our government to outline a healthy road to recovery for Guyana.

As we advance toward our destined success, we must also consider the lessons we have learned from these recent crises, and while there is much work ahead, I am certain that our government will continue to work with our people to build a better Guyana in the face of any challenges.

The task before us now is to build on our potential. Walking into the future comes with much uncertainty, but we will ensure that we are equipped to face whatever comes. We will continue to seek greater regional and international cooperation; we will continue to seek investments and create investment opportunities for our people; we will continue to build our economy towards creating sustainable growth, and we will continue to face every challenge with unwavering resilience and an attitude of positivity and unity.

Our government is committed to a unified Guyana; a “ONE GUYANA”, and we will work to create a greater country built on growth and inclusion. We are honoured to have contributed to our promising future in the last two years since democracy prevailed and our government took office on August 2, 2020.

We remain optimistic about the bright future ahead for Guyana. As you take note of all that we have done and all that we have planned to do, we attest that we seek no awards. Rather, we wish to use these achievements as milestones for measurement of our road to prosperity as we strive for excellence.

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