Taxi that transported murder suspect set on fire in Berbice  


In what is suspected to be a case of arson, police investigators in Berbice, Region Six have launched a probe into the destruction of a hire car by fire.

The car belongs to Chandrapaul Mohabir, 26, of Sheetanchor Village, East Canje, Berbice.

He recounted for the News Room on Saturday that he was relaxing at home around midnight on Friday when he heard a loud explosion.

Mohabir said he ran onto his veranda only to see his car, a white Toyota Fielder wagon (HB 2807), engulfed in flames.

The taxi driver said he also heard someone walking on his step and he immediately called his friends using his cellphone.

“When them boys come the car was already completely on fire so they couldn’t really do anything,” he said.

Mohabir has since reviewed his neighbour’s surveillance camera and said he saw a male, clad in a hoodie with what appeared to be a steel rod and a jar.

Inside the torched car

“He walk to come and wait behind the post and wait until them vehicles pass and then he light something on the ground and then take the steel rod and burst behind the back windscreen and I see he pick up the jar and shy the gasoline inside the car,” Mohabir said.

He is unaware of who might commit such an act or its motive.

Mohabir recalled, however, that recently he had dropped off murder suspect Dave Singh at the house of murdered Canje businessman Vickram ‘Vick’ Seubarran.

Singh was charged on Friday with manslaughter. Mohabir now questions if that incident could be connected to Friday night’s arson.

The car was worth $2.7 million. Police are investigating.

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