Man confesses he stabbed ex-wife out of jealousy, says relative disclosed her whereabouts


Murder suspect Suraj Ganpat has reached out to the relatives of his ex-wife, Cindy Ramchandar and explained in a confession that he stabbed the woman out of jealously after he was told that she was romantically involved with another man.

In the telephone conversation, he claimed that a relative provided this information and also told him how and when he can get in contact with the now dead woman.

That same relative, identified during the call as ‘mama’, is the mother of the child Ramchandar was transporting home on her electric scooter at 8:30 hrs Monday when she was attacked and stabbed.

Ganpat during the phone call confessed his love for his ex-wife and seemed unaware that the woman had died, asking repeatedly if she was hospitalised.

Family members now blame ‘Mama’ for the woman’s demise, reasoning that had she not provided the information she is accused of relating, Ramchandar would have been alive.

A transcript of the conversation is below:

Suraj Ganpat: She gon be okay?

Relative: You nah bore am this morning?

Suraj Ganpat: She gonna be okay?

Relative: You bore am this morning.

Suraj Ganpat: I ask you a question.

Relative How much time you bore am this morning then me go tell you

Suraj Ganpat: I think three

Relative: Three time you bore am? Suraj which side you bore am?

Suraj Ganpat: Over by mama

Relative: Which part of the body you bore am?

Suraj Ganpat: Me nah know must be the belly or somewhere

Relative: You been really love Cindy, Suraj?

Suraj Ganpat: Yeah, but ayuh these make this happen

Relative: Suraj you been really love Cindy?

Suraj Ganpat: Yes

Relative: What you bore am for then? Why you nah been give some time to think?

Suraj Ganpat: Mama tell me Cindy get somebody else, is seeing somebody else.

Relative: Mama can’t tell you that

Suraj Ganpat: Yes

Relative: What proof you get mama call you, send am and give me, then me believe you …. Why you get that mind to bore Cindy?

Suraj Ganpat: Because me tell she mama tell me that how Cindy a see somebody else

Relative: Cindy nah get nobody. Them pickney that nah go nobody house beside go for pumpkin. Cindy nah go to nobody house beside what them a go market lil bit and what them go bring pumpkin come to play with am and fatso and lil bit

Suraj Ganpat: Them nah been beach Monday?

Relative: Yes them been beach we tell them to go beach

Suraj Ganpat: Oh, yeah that’s the life she want, that is the life she want

Suraj Ganpat and Cindy Ramchandar

When contacted on Tuesday, Ramchandar’s aunt, Anita Thribowan said “She [mama] is the reason Cindy lost her life cause she call the ex-husband and stir up problems and make the ex husband come with passion to kill Cindy. She should also be held accountable cause it all happened because of her.”

Monday’s stabbing came two months Ramchandar, 25, left her matrimonial home and the turbulent relationship she shared with her husband.

Police sources told the News Room that the victim sustained more than three stab wounds about her body and was rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

A post mortem examination will be done later this week.



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