Murdered woman told relatives she was dating a narcissist, wanted help to end relationship  


Distressing voice notes sent to close family members by Tacina Dazzle weeks before she was gruesomely murdered by her reputed husband, Quincy Roache late Friday night revealed that the man was reportedly controlling and manipulating her.

In that voice note Dazzle clearly expressed her intention to leave the relationship even as she had begun looking for employment to support her exit.

But experts say this is the most life-threatening moment – when a woman in an abusive relationship is attempting to leave.

“I need the first door out of this relationship, the manipulation is too much,” the 28-year-old mother of one is heard saying in the voice messages.

She accused Roache, 38, who she has been together with for two years, of being a narcissist and said he even manipulated her to leave her job.

“Everybody gonna say you should have been wise enough, you should have understood, and I expected better from you, but when you in it, it is different from when you on the outside looking in,” the dead woman said while stating that she was just looking for a “way out”.

Tacina further said: “I am trying to get out real bad so any form of help, any form of mentoring in particular will be very much needed.”

She was the mother of a six-year-old boy while Roache has two sons from a previous relationship. The News Room understands that Tacina’s young son witnessed the entire ordeal when she was murdered and remains traumatised.

The couple resided at the Ujamma Housing Scheme at La Bonne Intention (LBI), East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Police Headquarters reported that the couple often had domestic issues.

At about 23:35 hrs on Friday, Dazzle’s cousin, who is a neighbour, heard the woman screaming. The cousin reportedly ventured outside and saw Dazzle running out of her yard, onto her bridge. Dazzle subsequently fell on the bridge and remained motionless.

Roache then exited the yard and escaped in a passing minibus.

Soon after, police officers visited the scene and several stab wounds were seen on the woman’s body.

Following her death, Tacina’s sister posted on her Facebook page that the family needs justice.

When contacted on Monday, Regional Commander Khali Pareshram told the News Room that the investigations were still ongoing.

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