Family of fisherman struck by lightning still hopeful he is alive


The family of the fisherman who was struck by lightning Thursday night while out fishing with his brother and another fisherman, are hoping that he could still be alive, despite the odds.

Hemnarine Chandradeo called Ravin, 28, a father of two was struck by lightning on his fishing vessel in the waters off the Rose Hall area. He fell overboard and has not been located since.

His wife, Jameela Cyril, 25, said that he left to go fishing from their home at Fyrish, Corentyne, Berbice around 10:30 hrs Thursday. He left with his brother Navindra Chandradeo and the other fisherman identified as Romel. They were expected to return on Friday morning but instead, the wife said she got a call around 07:00 hrs Friday informing her that “he fall off the boat.”

Jameela Cyril and Kamla Chandradeo

Fighting back tears, the mother of two said he was good to them and “I’m hoping that he come back.”
Meanwhile, the man’s mother, Kamla Chandradeo, said that her other son (who was on the boat) told her that Hemnarine was pulling up the fishing net from the water at the front of the boat, while he and the third fisherman were at the back.

“He was pulling up the sein at the front and the lightning come and flash he and he fall overboard.”

Navindra attempted to jump overboard and save his brother but Romel held him back.

Kamla said Navindra told her that they tried searching for him but it was extremely dark out at sea and so they returned to shore.

The woman said that they also told her that the lightning split the hat her son was wearing on his head at the time. Up to press time they were still providing statements to the police as an investigation is underway.

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