YMCA Old Fort dominant on second night of Lucozade Indoor Hockey


The Lucozade Indoor Hockey tournament continued on Wednesday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall with YMCA Old Fort boys and men capturing solid victories over their opponents, both scoring nine goals.

The first six of the nine matches of the night showcased the junior category with the opening match between GCC Spartans against GCC Torna-does.

The Spartans continued their winning stride from the previous night by winning 3-0.

It was the YMCA Old Fort boys team which comprised Under-21 national boys who raided the newcomers to the game, GCC War Dogs.

The young captain Shaquan Favorite secured four goals for his team, while Simeon Moore and Warren Williams with a double each and one from Daniel Woolford secured them a 9-0 victory.

Saints S7N, just like the Old Fort boys, comprising young national players also made light work of the inexperienced GCC Bull Dogs with a 16-0 drubbing.

Shakeem Fausette led the scoresheet for his team with five goals. The Saints Club junior girls, Saints Conquerors showed dominance like their junior boys by defeating YMCA Old Fort Scouts 10-0. In the last two matches of the night in the junior category, Saints Aces girls lost to YMCA Old Fort Samurais 0-2, while Saints Superstars defeated Saints Scorpions 3-0.

In the lone Ladies match between GBTI GCC Tigers and YMCA Old Fort Igniters, the nippy Sonia Jardine led her team with three goals, giving her team the highest score so far in the Ladies division 7-0.

In the most competitive game of the night in the Men’s category, Saints Splinters pulled off a massive victory over GCC The Sequel. Devin Hooper opened the score sheet with a penalty corner goal in the fifth minute, but two minutes later Joshua Joseph answered for his team with a raiding field goal.

A minute later Dwayne Scott kept his team ahead on the scoresheet by shooting a ball pass goalkeeper Alleyne. As the game was deadlocked and both teams fighting for possession of the ball, GCC showed great composure and skill, but it was the speedy Splinters who kept the pace of the game high causing GCC to be outnumbered on several runs.

It was Edmond Chninian who would erupt the Saints Fans as he found the back of the GCC net in the 39th minute. As GCC scrambled to draw the game, Chninian again received a pass with seconds left in the 40-minute game and flicked it over the keeper from the far right of the goal. The Saints Splinters celebrated as they won the match 4-2.

The last match of the night saw the young national boys of YMCA Old Fort whipping the Hikers Cadets 9-3. Warren Williams, who secured two goals for his team in the junior category, led his team scoresheet with six strikes.

The tournament will continue for the remainder of the week and wrap up on Sunday.

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