Aggrieved Pritipaul Singh workers urged to make official complaints at Labour Ministry


Following protest action by workers of Pritipaul Singh Investment at Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara on Wednesday, the Ministry of Labour is encouraging the workers to file official complaints.

The workers are protesting issues relating to payment for severance and medical leave.

The workers made several allegations against the company including that they are made to work for up to 10 hours with a half-hour lunch break and being prevented from joining a union.

Several workers claimed that they were fired on Tuesday after the company found out that they were in the process of being unionised.

A worker alleged that they were told by the company that: “All who want union must go beyond the gate.”

Several workers were locked out when they showed up to work on Wednesday and were told they cannot enter the compound.

After they began protesting, the company reportedly calculated their severance pay but the workers were told the money will not be paid immediately.

However, the workers were adamant that they were not leaving without the severance pay.

The Labour Ministry in a statement said a Senior Labour Officer contacted the company’s Human Resource Manager, Sahodra Roopnarin to ascertain the cause of the protest.

“The Human Resource Manager communicated and assured the ministry that they are currently meeting with the workers individually to address their issues and grievances,” the ministry stated.

Nevertheless, the Chief Labour Officer Dhaneshwar Deonarine will meet with the management of the company on Thursday, at 08:30hrs.

“At this time, the ministry does not have any unresolved complaints from any worker of the company. We wish to encourage the aggrieved workers of the company to come to the Ministry of Labour and make an official complaint.”

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