Boyfriend confesses to killing La Grange woman


Thirty-three-year-old Nirmala Sukhai was reportedly strangled to death by her boyfriend last week.

The News Room understands that the 30-year-old man has since confessed to killing Sukhai after he caught her in a compromising position with another man.

Sukhai, a labourer was found dead in her home on Friday at Factory Dam, La Grange, West Bank Demerara. She lived alone in a flat, two-bedroom concrete house.

Police had reported that the woman was out drinking on Thursday night. She then got into an argument with her boyfriend when she returned home and he has since told investigators that he used his hands to choke her until she became motionless.

The man then left the premises but after a probe was launched into Sukhai’s death, he was arrested and confessed to the crime.

Police will now seek an extension from the High Court to keep the suspect in custody until he is placed before the court. A post-mortem is expected on Wednesday.

Police had reported that Sukhai’s mother Savitri visited the La Grange premises in search of her daughter after she could not reach her.

There, the woman made the gruesome discovery; Sukhai’s body lying face down on her bed clad in a pink top without any undergarment. Blood was seen oozing from her mouth and a knife was also found under her body.

Police also reported a pair of grey short pants was found on the woman’s bed. That pants appeared to be cut from the back.

Friends and family described Sukhai as a jolly person. She rode a bicycle to sell newspapers in her community.

  1. Patricia Pierre says

    I am left to wonder. One has not given life then why must one take it. If the accused and Ms. Sukhai could not have had a cordial relationship, then they both should have gone their separate ways thus avoiding murder.

  2. Derk says

    I totally agree! More has to be done to stop this attitude by the men in Guyana, these women have the freedom to make choices such as living alone in peace.

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