Woman, 33, found dead in La Grange house


Nirmala Sukhai, a 33-year-old female labourer who lived at Lot 35 Factory Dam, La Grange, West Bank Demerara was found dead in her home on Friday. 

Police Headquarters reported that Sukhai resided alone in a flat, two-bedroom concrete house. 

On Friday, at about 16:00hrs, Sukhai’s mother Savitri visited the La Grange premises in search of her daughter. 

There, the elder woman discovered Sukhai’s body lying face down on her bed clad in a pink top without any undergarment. A reddish substance which appeared to be blood was seen oozing from the woman’s mouth. 

A report was then made at the La Grange police station, prompting an investigation. 

Police, in a subsequent report, noted that a grey short pants was found on the woman’s bed. That pants appeared to be cut from the back. A brown-handle knife was also found under the woman’s body, on the bed.

Sukhai’s death is being treated as an alleged murder. 

It is believed that the woman died between 23:00hrs on Thursday and 16:00hrs on Friday.

Several people were questioned, police said. 


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