BREAKING: Woman confesses she force fed 4-year-old daughter poison


In a shocking twist of events, the mother of a four-year-old girl who is hospitalised in a critical state at the New Amsterdam Hospital has confessed to force feeding the child gramaxone.

Regional Commander Shivpersaud Bhaccus Tuesday confirmed that the 23-year-old woman and her husband are in police custody assisting with investigations.

The woman reportedly told the police that she and her husband were imbibing at her mother-in-law’s home at No. 70 Village on Sunday last.

She then collected the poisonous substance in a Pepsi bottle from her in-laws and left for her No. 50 Village residence.

The woman reportedly told police that when they got home, an argument erupted between herself and husband and so she threatened to poison their two children, the four-year-old and a younger child. She also threatened to end her life.

The woman only managed force feed the poison to the four-year-old; the child reportedly informed her father.

She was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital and shortly after transferred in a critical state to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

The mother had initially told police that she secured the poison in the goat pen between a tire. She told police that her daughter was playing in the yard and managed to get her hands on the bottle of poison and drank it by accident.


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