Kaieteur News robbery: Cops recover stolen cash, gun; ex-employee reportedly confesses


Investigators have made a major breakthrough hours after three gunmen invaded Kaieteurs News and made off with a safe and a 9mm handgun with ammunition.

Regional Commander Simon McBean has confirmed that some of the contents of the safe including millions of dollars have been recovered. While confirming that several arrests have been made in connection with the robbery, Commander McBean could not provide further details.

However, Kaieteur News in a post on social media said some $6 million of the stolen cash was recovered along with the getaway car, a gold Spacio.

The local newspaper claims that a former employee, Ryan Wharton, 33, of Canary Street, Tucville has reportedly confessed to being the mastermind behind the robbery.

In his alleged confession he implicated one of the security guards that were on duty when the robbery occurred. The security guard has been identified as 35-year-old Joshua Junor.

In the CCTV footage of the robbery that was released by Kaieteur News on Monday night shows Junor being held at gunpoint and forced into one of the rooms at the company’s Saffon Street, Charlestown office.

Wharton reportedly told investigators that it was all part of a plan. He claims to have planned the robbery with the other men a day before the crime took place.

He said he provided an illegal gun to one of the suspects, Ivor Belingie called ‘Wildlife’ to hold up Junor at gunpoint.
Wharton also claimed to have borrowed a car from his cousin, a 23-year-old clerk, Lemuel Grant of Russell Street, Charlestown.

Wharton then allegedly convinced his friend, a taxi driver, Harry Stongster, 36 of Hyde Park Timehri, East Bank Demerara to go along with the robbery.

Junor turned up for work on Sunday afternoon and the plan was reportedly put in motion at about 23:00hrs.

Wharton claimed that they had planned to execute the robbery within five minutes. He along with Harry and Belingie showed up at Kaieteur News just after midnight; he and Harry headed straight to the Accounts Department where he knew the safe was being kept while Belingie held Junor at gunpoint.

Two other employees, Noel Junior, a 63-year-old security guard and Wayne Little, a 20-year-old graphic designer were also held at gunpoint and made to lie on the floor. They were also robbed of their smartphones and $5000 in cash.

Wharton reportedly told investigators that they drove to his home in Tucville, opened the safe and split the money between them. Junor was also reportedly included.

The mastermind further detailed that they burnt the clothes used to carry out the robbery and discarded the empty safe in a trench at Cane View Avenue, South Ruimveldt Gardens.

Wharton further told investigators that he allegedly handed over his share of the loot to the mother of his child who is reportedly a policewoman for safekeeping and told her he won the cash while playing a Superbet game.

He then placed the 9mm handgun and ammunition found in the safe along with the firearm used to execute the robbery in a bag and gave them to his friend who he identified as Collis Heywood.

Police reported that Junor and Belingie remain in hiding.

  1. DON Gomes says

    These thieves see too much bandit movies.
    I identify the mastermind as someone crying out for help psycholohically a long time now.

  2. Patricia Pierre says

    What a quick break through. This is criminology at its highest peak. I do commend the members of the Guyana Police Force for their quick thinking. I am proud of you. Do keep up the good work.

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