Guyana/Suriname safari, beer fest coming as more tourism products sought


More novel tourism products and experiences in Guyana are sought and a new Guyana/ Suriname safari and a beer fest are among those attractions being developed by local stakeholders.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Kamrul Baksh, on Wednesday, told local tour operators and other stakeholders that Guyana will be attracting new visitors and more local tourism experiences are needed.

As such, the GTA hopes to establish 15 new experiential tourism products next year.

“One of the tasks that I want to place on tour operators who’ve responded so far is to work with us in 2023 so that we can identify new attractions and package them for the market,” Baksh said at an event hosted at the Promenade Gardens in Georgetown.

Founder of Trailmasters Guyana Christopher Chin and GTA Director Kamrul Baksh (Photo: GTA/November 16, 2022)

If this is done, he promised that the GTA would work alongside the operators to refine their products and market them at regional and international trade shows and events.

Baksh also alluded to the possibility of local operators travelling abroad with the GTA to experience other countries’ tourism products in hopes of improving those at home or developing newer products.

Already, at least one local tour operator plans to establish new tourism packages in the coming year.

Founder of Trailmasters Guyana Christopher Chin said that the tour company is eyeing a new Guyana/ Suriname safari that will entice off road drivers.

A mighty Rupununi hike, a one-week resort hopping experience, a beer fest and sporting events should also be developed.

This year, 13 products including new day trips and tri-island tours were developed. Six of those products were launched on Wednesday.


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