Police on the hunt for man who beat, stabbed Aunty Betty to death

… Autopsy confirms that the woman died from multiple injuries


Police are currently searching for the 48-year-old man who beat and stabbed 85-year-old Sumintra Sawh from Bushlot, West Coast Berbice to death on Monday.

The man has been identified as Mohammed Ramzan Shaheed.

The 85-year-old woman, called Aunty Betty, was allegedly murdered by Shaheed in a deadly robbery attack which was allegedly plotted by the woman’s great niece, 37-year-old Roshanie Basdeo.

According to the autopsy report released by Police Headquarters, Sawh died from multiple injuries. Those included: suffocation, seven stab wounds to the head and face, and bleeding from a fractured skull.

The body has been handed over to relatives for funeral arrangements and Basdeo remains in custody, as police search for Shaheed.

In her confession on Monday night, Basdeo told police that on Sunday the man visited the house and Sawh gave him $1,000 to purchase balanjay (eggplant).

She took the money from her purse she kept in her bedroom. Upon his return with the vegetable, the niece said that the “friend” told her that they will rob Sawh and that he will purchase a scooter for himself and that she (the niece) will get the house.

The niece went along with the plan and left the door to the bottom flat unlocked. In the wee hours of Monday morning, the “friend” entered the house and asked her for the money; Sawh was sleeping.

She also revealed that she showed the “friend” the bag in Sawh’s room and he went in and began to batter the old woman on the bed with an object.

She told Police that she asked him to stop but he continued beating the woman until she was unconscious and he grabbed the bag with the money and reportedly scrambled her (the niece) on her neck and cut her on the left hand. She said he threatened to kill her family if she ever told anyone and he escaped.

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