PPP/C notes ‘overwhelming successes’ achieved by Irfaan Ali’s gov’t in 2022


See the full statement from the People’s Progressive Party Civic below:

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends best wishes to our Guyanese brothers and sisters here  at home and in the Diaspora, for a peaceful, prosperous, and productive 2023.

The dawn of the New Year offers an opportune moment for reflection and recalibration to complete  unfinished business, as well as a fresh juncture for the launching of new initiatives under our manifesto  for achieving collective prosperity as a nation.

While the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war posed many challenges for Guyana, as was  the case across the world, our government was able to stay the course in keeping our country moving  forward in line with our manifesto promises while easing the suffering of our most vulnerable citizens.

Under the national infrastructural improvement plan, work has commenced for the much-anticipated  new Demerara River Bridge. The Mandela Avenue to Diamond highway is almost complete; the Ogle  to Eccles and the Linden to Mabura highways have commenced, while funding for a new Soesdyke Linden highway has been secured and sourcing has commenced for a new Corentyne corridor.

Concomitantly, the national energy master plan that is expected to halve electricity costs is well  underway with the contract already signed for the Wales Gas to Shore project. Guyana also achieved  the milestone of becoming the first country to have been issued carbon credits specifically designed  for the voluntary and compliant carbon markets for successfully preventing forest loss and  degradation by the Architecture for REDD+ Transactions (ART). This paved the way for the signing of  a multi-million US dollar agreement for the sale of carbon credit to Hess Corporation, a substantial  portion of which will go towards Amerindian development.

Thousands of jobs have been created in every region, salary scales have been adjusted upwards and  small business loans and grants have benefited thousands. The ongoing housing revolution has  empowered countless Guyanese and the health sector is set for world-class advancement.

As a pillar of our nation-building efforts, our government has embarked on a wide-ranging citizens  empowerment programme through state-sponsored academic and professional scholarships, youth  participation in governance; ICT and other skills training, socio-cultural investments, and community based enhancement drives.

All of these and more, have been achieved under the competent leadership of President Dr. Mohamed  Irfaan Ali.

With these overwhelming successes over the past year, our management of the new and emerging  multi-dimensional economy, and the resolute positioning of our country among the global community  of contemporary democracies, Guyana is poised for exciting times ahead and we are confident that  the People’s Progressive Party has emerged as the only party of choice for the building of a truly  progressive and prosperous nation.

As we embrace 2023, our party remains confident in the strength and resilience of all Guyanese and  in our collective will to mitigate any and all challenges we may face in the new year.

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