ASP ‘misplaces’ firearm at Gymkana fracas; Police accused of breaking into man’s house


Police in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) are actively searching for a firearm that was reportedly ‘misplaced’ by an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) during a Gymkana event at Reliance, East Canje Berbice on December 27, 2022.

The News Room had reported that two persons – an off-duty Police Constable and a civilian – were injured at the event after patrons hurled beer bottles at them.

Constable McKalmon and his friend Lofon Humphrey suffered injuries while they were attending the event.

A police patrol vehicle (PAB 3148) with ASP Benn in charge, showed up at the location and it was during the fracas that the ASP ‘misplaced’ his 9mm pistol.

Since then, the police have launched search operations to recover the firearm in the No. 1 subdivision (Canje/New Amsterdam) and sections of the No.2 sub division.

During a press conference on Thursday, Police Commander Shivpersaud Bhaccus, said he was unaware that the weapon was missing when he released information about the incident.

Meanwhile, in a bid to recover the service weapon, the police conducted several raids. The cops are accused of breaking into the man’s house and conducting a search in his absence.

The police reportedly uncovered narcotics, illegal branding, cellphones and other items. Some Guyana currency was also retrieved from the house and the man’s motorcycle and car were lodged at the Central Police Station.

Timothy Sampson has accused the police of breaking into his house

The man, Timothy Sampson, 39, has since turned himself over to the police, but before doing, so he spoke with reporters and expressed his displeasure at how the police acted.

Sampson claimed that the police broke into his home without his knowledge and removed his car and motorcycle.

Sampson said when he arrived home, he noticed his car and motorcycle were missing and neighbours then informed him of what took place.

He discovered that his door was broken, the house was ransacked and $250,000 in cash missing.

“Up to now nobody didn’t contact me or tell me the reason why they were here because this is wrong…I would have appreciated if they informed me and they could have searched.

“I don’t have a problem they searching but they should have done it in my presence and not break into my home.”

Sampson has since sought the services of an attorney to handle the matter.

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