Suspect leads investigators to 4 more firearms stolen from security company


Investigators on Saturday recovered the four more firearms that were among several stolen on December 26, 2022, from Radar Security and Supplies Company.

The News Room was reliably informed that one of the suspects led detectives to where the firearms were stored at a location in Albouystown, Georgetown.

Three .32 calibre firearms were recovered along with a 9mm calibre.

The mastermind behind the theft of the six firearms and a quantity of ammunition from the security company was arrested on Friday as detectives made a breakthrough in the case.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum had told the News Room that the mastermind is a security official employed with the company.

On Friday, one of the other suspects involved led investigators to a location in South Ruimveldt, Georgetown where the two other stolen weapons were recovered.

Police Headquarters had reported that two single-barrel shotguns valued at $950,000, four 9mm Taurus pistols valued at $1.4 million and five Taurus .32 pistols valued at $1,425,000 were stolen.

Additionally, 25 12-gauge cartridges, 538 .32 rounds of ammunition, and 18 9mm rounds of ammunition were also stolen sometime between 10:00hrs on Christmas Day and 18:30 hrs on Boxing Day from the security company’s office at Lot 79 Carmichael Street, Georgetown.

After the firearms and ammunition were stolen from the security company, two employees – a security guard and a training officer -were initially arrested.

The firearms were kept in the company’s “strongbox” secured with two padlocks on the outside. Inside the box, the firearms are chained and padlocked with three padlocks.

The weapons were left secured on Christmas Day but when a 65-year-old weapons training officer visited the location the next day, he met a 57-year-old Security Guard on duty.

The training officer observed that the door to the office was left ajar and discovered that the padlocks on the strongbox were cut off; the chain that secured the firearms was also cut, and the firearms were missing.

He then informed the owner of the company. At the scene, detectives observed there were no signs of breakage.

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