Wakenaam father recounts heartbreaking last moments with teen son killed in accident


Kamal Khan’s eldest son, 16-year-old Mohamed Ameer Khan, died in an accident on the island of Wakenaam in Region Three on Tuesday. The young Khan was on a motorcycle with his friend, Vikash Singh, who remains in critical condition.

Kamal said he was at home Belle Plaine, Wakenaam when he received a phone call that his son was involved in an accident.

Police Headquarters reported that the teen boy was the pillion rider on the motorcycle being driven by Singh.

The friends were returning home when they collided with a tractor along the Friendship Public Road in Wakenaam.

Kamal said he rushed to the accident scene but his son was already taken to the Wakenaam Cottage Hospital. When he got there, the man said his son was alert and strong.

“He keep saying, ‘Daddy I love you, I love you’ and I told him we will get him looked after,” the devastated father related.

Kamal was with his son when he took his last breaths. The young man died while being transferred to the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

“I sit down with him in the ambulance and I hold he hand and he took his last breath; he was trying to tell me something and his mouth was left open,” Kamal told the News Room.

The day before the accident, Kamal said he played cricket with his son and Singh in the streets.

“He was a quite person, he liked to hunt and was very easygoing.”

Kamal is now praying that Singh makes it.

“I just pray to God that he is alright ’cause my son already lost his life and I don’t want anybody to go through this,” the father said.

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