Better roads for Leguan residents as $865M contracts inked


The living standards for residents of Leguan are set to be enhanced as the government invests $865M to construct concrete roads on the Essequibo Island. 

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Deodat Indar on Friday visited Leguan to engage residents and contractors on the 28 projects that will lead to 8.1km of roadworks. 

While cautioning the contractors to minimise inconveniences residents may face on the various projects, Minister Indar maintained that roadworks must be done according to the Government’s specifications so that the roads may serve its intended purpose. 

Warning against delinquency on the projects, the Minister added, “I’m not dealing with contractors who when the contract is in their hands, they bid for it, but when it is time to execute, it is hard.” 

The contractors were also encouraged to employ residents from the island, in a bid to stimulate Leguan’s economy. 

The Ministry of Public Works is executing the projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Water, and the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (Ministry of Public Works release)

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