Victim in fatal Essequibo accident was told to leave motorcycle at home


A mother has been thrown into a state of grief after her 19-year-old son, Devendra Khan, died in a motorcycle accident on Sunday night at Taymonth Manor, Essequibo Coast, Region Two.

A crying Veena Ramesh told the News Room on Monday that the motorcycle belonged to her husband and her son took it out even though he was told to leave it at home.

Ramesh said she was contacted by neighbours who told her about the accident.

Khan, also known as ‘Ravin’, of Adventure Sand, Essequibo Coast, was reportedly speeding and as he approached a turn on the public road, he lost control of the motorcycle and ended up inside a nearby trench at around 19:00hrs. It is believed that he drowned.

Veena Ramesh

“Me deh in me bed and me get a phone call and he [the caller] said ‘wham to babba’ [Khan]. Me say nothing cause me nah know. Then he call back and say something happen to Babba.

“Them call me and tell me it look like me son dead. By time I reach hospital and so the boy done reach and dead,” the distraught mother said.

She recounted that earlier in the day, Khan asked her to go out with his friends riding as they all have motorcycles but she told him no.

“He tell me them boys going Lake Mainstay and he tell me yesterday he want to go. I tell he leave the motorbike but he get away with the motorbike,” she said.

Both Khan and the motorcycle had to be pulled out from the trench by residents and it is believed that he drowned.  The body was transported to the Suddie Hospital where he was officially pronounced dead.

The mother said that Khan was already involved in an accident last year with the same motorcycle which resulted in him spending an extra year at school.

Khan had plans to apply to the Guyana Technical Institute after graduating.  He was the second of three children.

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