Fatal Corriverton accident: Mother loses second son in less than a year


Ramkumarie Persaud is grappling to come to grips with the death of her son, 24-year-old Ronny Persaud, who died in an accident on the Number 79 Public Road, Corriverton, Berbice, on Tuesday night.

Ramkumarie is still reeling from the death of her first son which occurred in August last year.

According to the woman, Persaud of Race Course, Springlands, Corriverton, Berbice told her he was going out with a friend.

“He come home from work and he went and look after his chickens and showered…I told him I will take out food for him and he said no, he’s going out with his friend. He never come back,” the devastated mother said.

The weeping woman further added, “It’s very hard. Ronny is my last son. I had three sons. Last August I buried one and now again, I have to bury a next one. I don’t know if I will be able to make this.”

The accident occurred at approximately 22:25 hrs. Devindra Sampal Lakhraj, 30, of Rahaman Street, Corriverton, was the rider of the motorcycle while Persaud was the pillion rider.

Alfazeema Ally and Ramkumarie Persaud

Based on the police report, the accident involved motorcar HC 7188, driven by a Number 77 Housing Scheme resident. Both vehicles were heading in the opposite direction when Lakhraj, who was reportedly speeding, crashed into the front portion of the car. Both men were flung from the motorcycle while the driver of the car and a passenger who was in the front seat, also sustained injuries.

Everyone was taken to the Skeldon Hospital where Lakhraj and Persaud were pronounced dead.

The female passenger of the car, 39-year-old Mary Devair, was transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where she is being treated for head injuries. The driver of the car is in custody. According to the police, the motorcyclist and pillion rider were not wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

The wife of Lakhraj, Alfazeema Ally said she spoke with her husband at around 21:00 hrs and informed him that she would be finished with work at 22:30 hrs. Calls to his phone kater went unanswered.

“Like around 11 O’ clock someone called me and told me that he meet up with an accident and when I go to the hospital, they said he died,” Ally said.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    Oh! How cruel fate could be at times. My sympathy goes out to both families but especially to Rajkumarue Persuad who lost her son Ronue in that fatal accident having lost another son a mere six months ago. That blow is a severe one for her. She does not think that she would be able to make it through this ordeal but I hope for her family’s sake and that of herself she would be able once again to live a less agonising life.

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