Investigations underway into piranha attacks at Splashmins Resort


An investigation into reported attacks by piranhas at the Splashmins resort are ongoing by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and recommendations are expected to be made following its completion.

The Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Kamrul Baksh last Friday confirmed that the investigation is ongoing. Baksh explained that the GTA is one of several agencies that make up the team to investigate the incidents.

Ravindra Compton of Hubu Village, East Bank Essequibo is one of two known persons who have made reports of attacks this year.

According to Compton, he was bitten on January 02, 2023 and the resort did not take responsibility for the incident. The man on Monday told the News Room that he is in support of the course of action.

The 29-year-old farmer and bus driver previously told the News Room that he was on a family trip at the resort when he felt something sharp bite him on his right foot. The man said the resort told him he was not swimming within the area designated and did not take responsibility for the incident.

“It was just like a normal day and we were having fun like everybody else…I just went standing and I feel like something sharp like a cut but my foot wasn’t on the ground so I know it wasn’t a bottle, it was a bite,” he said.

Compton was taken to a private hospital where the bite was treated. Compton said he is not seeking to get money from the company but he explained that the resort is well known and the safety of patrons should be priority.

Most creeks have signs that indicate restricted areas and the height level of the water in that area. Campton doesn’t recall passing the boundary marks.

Compton said, “I have kids and for me being there is a tourist place and people take their kids there and for them to tell me that it is not their responsibility that is totally unfair to the public.”

“I am a grown man and something like this happen to me and I am feeling so much pain much less if it happens to a kid in the water.”

The News Room tried to contact the company when the reports were first published on social media, however the representative said the manager was not available.

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