Mabaruma man died from blunt trauma to head, suspect confesses


The main suspect in the murder of Mabaruma resident, Aaron Conyers has reportedly admitted to assaulting him during an argument, Police Commander, Himnauth Sawh confirmed.

Conyers, a father of four of White Water, Mabaruma succumbed on Tuesday, hours after he was involved in an incident at a shop at Black Water Landing.

A post-mortem examination later revealed that Conyers died from brain hemorrhage due to blunt trauma to the head. Police had arrested four persons, including the shopkeeper for questioning.

Contacted for an update on Friday, Sawh told the News Room that the suspects remain in Police custody.

He said the Police have wrapped up their investigation and the file will be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice.

According to Sawh, the suspect, who has been identified as Zamal Samuels, has since admitted to assaulting Conyers.

“We had a confrontation with the suspect, the main suspect of the four (suspects) and he admitted to assaulting the man (Conyers)…his story is consistent with the injuries,” Sawh told the News Room.

“They had an altercation. The victim was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and they had an argument and he (suspect) cuss up the man (Conyers) and the man (suspect) apparently came out of the shop and dealt him a cuff to his face.

“Based on his (suspect) story, when he dealt him a cuff to his face, the man (Conyers) fell and hit his head on some two by four wood,” the Police Commander explained.

Sawh further noted that during the probe, the Police were provided with different accounts of what exactly transpired.

As such, he said detectives had to conduct an “intensive” investigation into the matter.

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