With new ruling, President confident World Court will confirm Guyana’s existing boundary with Venezuela


President Dr. Irfaan Ali Thursday morning affirmed Guyana’s commitment to the peaceful resolution of the Guyana/ Venezuela border case and expressed confidence that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will eventually confirm the existing boundary between the two countries.

“Guyana remains confident that its longstanding international boundary with Venezuela will be confirmed by the Court.

“Guyana has always been committed to the peaceful resolution of the dispute with its neighbour and sister Republic in accordance with international law,” President Ali said in a video statement issued just after the ICJ ruling.

Dr. Ali also reminded Guyanese that this is the second time the ICJ has ruled in favour of Guyana, rejecting jurisdictional objections raised by Venezuela.

Earlier Thursday, the World Court dismissed Venezuela’s preliminary objection to the admissibility of Guyana’s application for a final, legally-binding settlement of the longstanding border controversy between the two countries.

With that judgment, President Ali said the Court will now proceed to decide on the substantive matter, that is, the validity of the existing border.

And he believes that Venezuela will be compelled to submit written pleadings on the merits of the case. The Spanish-speaking country has so far refused to do so.

Guyana is seeking a final and binding judgement that the 1899 Arbitral Award, which established the location of the land boundary between then British Guiana and Venezuela, remains valid and that the Essequibo region belongs to Guyana and not Venezuela.

The ICJ has already found it has the jurisdiction to preside over the matter and Guyana has submitted its memorial on the merits of its case.

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