Man found dead at Quamina guest house suffered a heart attack-autopsy finds


Omar Ally, the 49-year-old man who was Friday discovered dead in a room of the Quamina Guest House in Georgetown died from a heart attack, an autopsy performed on Wednesday revealed.

The News Room was reliably informed that the pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh, also concluded that Ally suffered a ruptured blood vessel.

The naked body of Ally, a resident of ‘B’ Field Pattensen, Greater Georgetown was discovered in the toilet area of the room.

Police Headquarters had reported that Ally checked into the hotel with a “female”, who was later identified as Kenesha Thomas, on Friday, April 28, at around 14:00hrs.

Kenesha Thomas

The receptionist told investigators that at about 14:15 hrs, Thomas rushed out of the room and told her that Ally had fallen and hit his head on the tile by the toilet area.

As such, she accompanied the identifiable person to the room, where she checked the toilet area and saw Ally lying naked on the floor with blood oozing behind his head.

In an interview with HGPTV Nightly news on Tuesday, Thomas said she shared a relationship with Ally for years and it was after having sex that Ally collapsed.

In fear, she said, she jumped from the room window.

In providing her account of what transpired, Thomas had clearly stated that she is innocent of any wrongdoing.

In the interview, she said she and Ally would frequent the hotel.

Upon their arrival there on Friday, she detailed that Thomas purchased some alcohol beverage after which he met her in the room.

There, Thomas said they had a conversation and Ally reportedly told her that he was sick and was experiencing some issues at home.

According to Thomas, Ally’s family was unaware about their relationship.

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