E-market platform launched to improve ICT business processes


In the midst of a global shift in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), companies need to generate innovative and more efficient ways of streamlining their processes and connecting to the market.

Recognising this, the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organisations (CANTO), launched the e-procurement marketplace, to transform the way companies procure goods and services across the region.

Delivering remarks at the product launch at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, Liliendaal on Tuesday, Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with Responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy said the platform is a ‘win-win’ for the Caribbean region.

He highlighted the importance of ICT in advancing the digital transformation of the region, as well as boosting the country’s economy.

“ICTs are vital for any country’s development across various domains. They drive economic growth, enable access to information and knowledge, and can help to improve governance and the delivery of public services. They can enhance healthcare delivery, the delivery of education, and even infrastructural development. Within the ICT industry, the operators provide a wide variety of goods and services to achieve these goals and satisfy our people’s needs,” he underscored.

The minister stressed that, given the many difficulties companies face on the procurement landscape, such as limited process standardisation, and record management, this platform’s launch will revolutionise the regional telecommunications industry.

“These problems manifest in higher sourcing costs, operational inefficiencies, lack of visibility of supplier performance, and, most importantly, poor customer service. Our businesses will be provided with an integrated network with an expansive reach to explore a more diverse pool of suppliers fostering healthy competition and ensuring the best opportunity for sourcing the right products and services.

They will now operate in a space where procurement processes are streamlined, simplifying the workflow process and ensuring efficient completion of tasks,” Minister McCoy noted.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond said the platform holds tremendous potential for the development of small businesses, as well as to bridge a critical information gap that may be discouraging producers in the region.

“The e-Procurement portal also delivers value through its potential to give a comprehensive view of the regional market for goods and services. It might be the case that a seller located in any one country may not find it financially feasible to supply only their local market. However, with the e-Market covering buyers in a number of countries, that same seller may realise that the regional market for his or her service is collectively large enough to make operations feasible,” Minister Walrond explained.

Moreover, the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector in 2020 created the enabling environment for this level of development in Guyana, as consumers have access to a wider range of choices and are benefitting from lower prices as operators innovate their services.

“The Government of Guyana recognises the critical importance of telecommunications in almost every aspect of our lives.  Operators are investing in offering better quality services. Fixed and mobile broadband subscriptions have been growing steadily, and from all indications, there has been strong growth in the sector since the liberalisation of late 2020,” Minister Walrond stated.

CANTO is a non-profit association that facilitates regional and international ICT projects, discussions, and objectives critical to the Caribbean Region.

The e-procurement marketplace enables companies to find the best suppliers and enhance their operational resilience. It will provide registered users with access to a global network of vendors, suppliers, operators, and companies in the ICT ecosystem. (Department of Public Information)
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