Effective July, Guyanese can change telephone provider but keep same number


Described as a game changer, the number portability system is expected to be available in July 2023, allowing persons to change their telephone service provider while keeping their existing phone number.

This announcement was made by Chairperson of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Dela Britton on Wednesday in her address at the opening of a webinar titled ‘Telecoms Sector in Guyana- Navigating This New Frontier.’

Britton said the number portability system is currently in its testing phase.

“PUC now eagerly awaits the completion of the testing processes and we anxiously anticipate that number portability will become a reality in Guyana in July of this year,” Britton said.

According to Britton, the system generally forces providers, when faced with competition, to improve their services.

Since the liberalisation of telecommunication in 2020, Britton said the sector has become more competitive and has seen some 745,689 mobile subscribers being registered.

There were also 97,170 landline subscribers and 123,866 internet subscribers.

And to meet the ever-changing demand of both the operators and consumers, Britton said the PUC had made a commitment to meet the retune of its operations.

“The Commission commends the operators on the significant strides made in the true spirit of competition to deploy fixed internet and long-term evolution services to consumers along Guyana’s coastland and outlying areas,” Britton said.

Also, she said there has been a “steady” decline in complaints as it relates to mobile service.

“…It may be posited that this is a direct result of the overall upgrade of existing networks and new technologies, which in turn has led to improved performance and better quality of service,” she added.

The PUC has oversight of the service providers including the Guyana Power and Light (GP&L), Guyana Water Inc. (GWI), the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT), ENet, Digicel, and the most recent, Green Caliber.

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