Company undertaking gas-to-energy project seeking goods & services from local suppliers


The United States (US) consortium, Lindsayca/CH4 (LNDCH4) undertaking the Wales gas-to-energy project is seeking goods and services from local suppliers as pursues the massive West Bank Demerara (WBD) project.

See below full release from LNDCH4:

LNDCH4 is excited to commence the initial phase of its vendor and supplier identification in  Guyana, extending a warm invitation to suitable businesses to join us in our mission to transform the energy landscape.

Through the strategic implementation of cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious practices, LNDCH4 aims to establish a  new paradigm for energy production in Guyana while prioritising the utilisation of local resources.

This groundbreaking gas-to-energy project holds the potential to not only strengthen Guyana’s energy capacity but also generate a multitude of employment opportunities and foster robust economic growth in the region.

LNDCH4 welcomes businesses specialising in various sectors to participate in this momentous venture. We are particularly interested in collaborating with enterprises that excel in the fields of manufacturing/production, dealers/distributors, maintenance/repair, rental/lease, construction contractors, professional services, and logistics providers. Your invaluable expertise in these areas will be instrumental in ensuring the successful realisation of our transformative goals.  Together, we can pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future within the energy industry.

Mr. Humberto Lopez, the General Manager of LNDCH4 Guyana, said “We welcome the contribution of Guyanese to participate in this groundbreaking project. Together, we can forge a  path towards a cleaner and more sustainable future – empowering people and communities.”

To participate in the vendor identification process, interested parties are invited to register their interest by completing the online form available at

This form will allow potential suppliers and service providers to provide essential information about their organisation, products, or services, enabling LNDCH4 to evaluate their suitability for partnership opportunities.

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