New Amsterdam will be transformed – Ali promises residents


In an appeal to win the votes of residents in New Amsterdam, Region Six, President Dr Irfaan Ali on Friday committed to providing amenities for security and promised that the village will be transformed.

During a public meeting in the community, he reminded the residents that for many years under the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), there was little to no progress in the communities.

And according to the President, if the governing People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is given a chance at the Local Government polls set for June 12, then his party will be able to develop more housing schemes and amenities to boost the livelihood of everyone.

“We will bring renewed life, that is what we are about, we are about positive change and positive momentum. We are about the people…In the coming years, we are going to work with you using local contractors, local builders, local labour in building 1,000 homes for the people of Region Six in the coming years,” Dr Ali said.

He said the development of the region will not stop at the new hospitals, expansion of agriculture, and stadium being built. Just recently, a new recreational park was commissioned in the town.

Noting that the PPP/C is about advancement of the people and development, the President said the intention is create a better future for all and no longer will communities be without the tools to feel safe.

A section of the crowd at the meeting in New Amsterdam (Photo: PPP/C/June 09, 2023)

“You want a government that uplifts your community, you want a government that secures the life of the elderly, you want a government that has a vision for the community.

“Commencing next year, we are going to start a new programme that will see street lights on every single post in every single street, in every single community, in every single village, in every single region,” he announced.

The PPP/C has held multiple rallies around the country as it gears up for support and votes at the LGE and has made several other commitments to communities that are highly backed by opposition supporters.

Last Saturday Dr Ali announced massive plans to broaden the agriculture sector in Region Ten, where APNU has had a stronghold for years. And, later on Saturday the Prime Minister, Retired Brigadier Mark Phillips will visit Mocha, Region Four, another area that has long supported the opposition, to share ways that the PPP/C will provide opportunities for residents.

“We are facing a future that requires us to make sensible decisions, a future that requires to understand the reality of what we live in.

“With the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, you can guarantee yourself, we will be there in the good times and in the bad times… that is the philosophy of the PPP/C. If your conscience is your guide and the truth is your companion, you will be voting for the PPP/C on June 12,” Dr Ali told the residents of New Amsterdam.

Polls open at 06:00 hrs on Monday across the country and citizens will be voting to elect local leaders.

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